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  • Almost fifteen months ago, our ‘Just Go! Holiday’s” kitchen was built at Kainja Primary School in Malawi.

    Mary's Meals - Kainja, Malawi

    When we saw the pictures of the kitchen, we decided to go even further on the project and attempt to fundraise £12,200 to feed every single student from the school.

    We knew it was a very ambitious goal but still went for it.

    Today, we are incredible happy and proud to announce that we, the Just Go! family, have reached our goal!

    Thanks to our suppliers, our team, our friends and, of course, our customers, the kids from Kainja Primary School have been fed for a whole year!

    I personally visited the school in March and I can tell you, just to see these little faces queuing up for their meals, makes you realise how far, an £1 go in a country like this.

    There are as many stories to tell as the many children from the school but for many of them, Mary’s Meals’ is the only meal of the day.

    Ndilibe,13, is one of them. He tells us: “I was often missing school because I was too hungry to attend and needed to go looking for food. You worry where the next meal is going to come from. But my next meal will be the porridge. It will be from you, Mary’s Meals, where I will next get to eat.”

    I wish all of you had been there to see and feel how thankful these kids are with everybody who helped to reach our goal. From the many customers who donate £1 to the amazing donation from the Circle of Generosity from United States! All of you and every one of you have made this possible!



  • I wanted to send my sincere thanks for the Home Depot gift card that I received. Your group promotes something so worthy that we should all strive to do. During the weeks after the storm, I offered help to my neighbors and friends where I could and I saw many acts of kindness. It is truly nice to be at the receiving side of one of these acts. I cannot express my appreciation enough and I will definitely pay it forward.

    Regards, Kim Jamison/New York

    From all of the families

    Dear Circle of Generosity,

    Thank you so much for your generosity.

    Your donation has helped us immensely and has improved our quality of life and that of our families. We’re especially grateful for this, because without their support we would not have succeeded.

    People like you and your foundation are truly making a difference and are an example to follow.

    Thank you again, and my God bless you for your generosity.

  • From Eduardo Rodriguez

    Hello, my name is Eduardo. I want to tell you that I am very happy with the gift. It’s very beautiful. If you ever want to come to my house, I would be happy to meet you and share mate (traditional Argentine tea). You are always welcome in my home.

    Hugs, Eduardo

    Eduardo Rodriguez

  • From Condo Zacarias

    Hello Mr. Clinton. Thank you for the oven. It is very useful and my wife and I are extremely grateful. We hope to meet you one day very soon in Mendoza.

    Sincerely, Condo

    Condo Zacarias

  • From Laura Coria

    Thank you for the gift of the oven. My children and I are very happy to have it. They are very proud that it comes from someone in the US. Thank you for your kindness.

    Sincerely, Laura

    Laura Coria

  • From Ellen Levine

    The $1,000 check that COG sent to Marine Cpl. John Curtain has been put to good use. He is doing better and learning to walk again with his new legs. Quite a brave young guy.

    He isn’t focused enough yet to write, but he and his family thank Circle of Generosity for this gift. And so do I. Ellen Levine.